Jamjoom Vehicles & Equipment

Jamjoom Vehicles & Equipment

The name Jamjoom is Synonymous with trust honesty & dependability. Since its inception, one hundred (100) years ago, these ideals are being practiced devotedly at all the six diversified companies falling under the Jamjoom Umbrella.

 Several milestones have been crossed since HINO joined together with JAMJOOM in the year 1972. These four decades portray, success based on compassion. Our motto is to integrate all the positive energies and make every transaction and endurable experience for our patrons.

We are all poised to take this custom of customer satisfaction a step further by making Total Customer delight the focal point of our activities.

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Tsusho Jamjoom

 Tsusho Jamjoom Trading (TJT) is a newly established company alternative to the former Jamjoom Vehicles & Equipment (JVE).

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Jamjoom Motors

Jamjoom Motors is a subsidiary of Jamjoom Group Jamjoom Motors is a professional company handling imports & export trade and international cooperation projects, especially on automobile related products, and made remarkable success.

 Our Vision consider looking at the world with different perspectives, providing the world with better value at all business scopes.

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